Sea freight forwarding also know as ocean freight is a cost-effective way of transporting goods. AFFA offer sea freight services for both importing and exporting goods. We have regular departures to the Far East, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Mediterranean as well as many other locations across the globe. 

Sea shipping is very cost-effective and costs significantly less when compared to air freight. This is the due to the reduced fuel consumption and the ability for small cargo to share the cost amongst multiple businesses shipping goods. If you are a small business you may not have considered sea freight shipping but at AFFA we have the option for you to fill a full container or share the container with other cargo. You also don’t have to worry about the size of your goods as we can accommodate cargo of different weights, shapes and sizes. 

Sea freight is more environmentally friendly than air freight and produces fewer carbon emissions. Making it the most environmentally friendly when shipping goods internationally. In recent years, there have been significant improvements in shipping emissions and organisations continue to work to reduce the carbon emissions from sea freight even further. Sea freight can also be the most efficient way to ship internationally with more traffic on the road, sea freight doesn’t encounter traffic.

A further benefit of sea freight is that we will take care of customs clearance for you. This will be especially beneficial as the UK’s Brexit transition period ends and the customs clearance process becomes more complex. We also have regulation in place to keep your cargo and our crew safe. AFFA has experience in carrying hazardous or dangerous materials and we are fully equipped to do so. Of course, it is also important that your good are prepared properly for transit and all precautions are taken.

We also have some tips for when you decide to use sea freight shipping:

  • Always plan ahead, sea freight can take longer to arrive at its destination. When you book in advance we will give you an estimated time of delivery.
  • You don’t always have to ship in large quantities but it can sometimes be more cost-effective when shipping internationally.
  • Ensure all your goods are well packaged to prevent chances of damage during transit. 

If you are interested in how sea freight shipping could benefit your business please contact us to discuss the options available.