Air Freight Forwarder Services

At AFFA we deliver twice a day to Heathrow Airport, providing an efficient air freight service to nearly all worldwide destinations.  We guarantee to offer a fast and secure service, sending freight by air, and one that you can always trust.  AFFA also offer consolidation services worldwide with full I.A.T.A. accreditation.  We have a built up a reputation with industry partners over the years, and offer some of the best prices.

There are several benefits of choosing air freight shipping.  It is a valuable option for any deliveries that are time-sensitive and need to be sent to almost anywhere in the world. Even more so if you have a smaller sized business that wants to still invest in international trading. You will have the benefit of extra security and peace of mind that your goods will arrive in a speedy manner.

Any Destination

Import & Export

Door to Door

We provide a door-to-door and door-to-airport service. Any goods that are shipped internationally will need to go through customs before they can exit or come into a country.  AFFA will take care of the customs clearance for you.  Not only that but we will make sure that your freight meets the pre-arranged flight on time and take into consideration any special collection or delivery requirements you may have.

Key Benefits:

  • When requesting a quote, there is no obligation to register or buy with our freight forwarding service
  • Fastest transport alternative
  • Highly reliable
  • We will ship your goods almost anywhere, and you can book your air freight with ease.
  • We offer a secure method of shipping
  • Our air freight service includes reduced costs, warehousing and insurance
  • Your freight can be easily tracked throughout the process

Airport-to-airport Air Freight

AFFA offers an air freight service that operates from airport to airport.  You have the option of dropping off the goods to the depot yourself or arrange for a reliable company to do it for you.  If you choose this service, please can you note the following:

  • Ensure you have included all relevant shipping documentation for your goods.
  • When goods have arrived at the destination airport, your goods will be cleared through customs
  • We can also arrange a collection service, where we will collect your goods from an address and then transported to the drop-off depot.

AFFA has a reputation for having a friendly and reliable team.  We have a broad range of equipment, flexible delivery schedules and have consistently received positive feedback from our previous customers.

If Air freight isn’t what you’re looking for, then AFFA are dedicated to providing the perfect freight forwarding option that suits you. Be certain to check out our Sea and Road services as well as our Pallet and Packing facilities.

We are on hand to speak with you should you ever have any questions or need advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.